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Stick Blenders

It is commonly known amongst the commercial kitchen world that the convenience a stick blender offers is unparalleled by any other kitchen utensil. They can perform almost to the same standard of a food processor or regular stand blender, but with the added convenience of versatility. Stick blenders are not limited in how much food or liquid they can process in one sitting; a great attribute when considering the amount of transferring and cleaning that comes with making large batches in a normal blender. Comparing this too to the cleaning of stick blenders being as easy as running them in a cup of water, the advantages are huge. We have a vast range of stick blenders, all from reputable brand names and all with an array of features, each of which are sure to suit your individual catering needs.

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Waring Stick Blenders

Waring stick blenders come in a wide range of designs, each of which are specifically tailored to meet each individual’s catering needs. From versatile, speedy models to the more heavy duty range, there is bound to be a design to suit you.

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Dynamic Stick Blenders

As the proud inventor of the Stick blender, Dynamic offer an original, powerful and diverse range, suitable for all commercial kitchens and all types of chef. They are also available with a range of attachments, including whisks and mixers.

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Dualit Hand Blenders

Dualit stick blenders are available in traditional chrome, black or cream finishes. The Dualit stick blender is ergonomically designed with a soft touch handle for user comfort. Supplied with Dualit accessory pack that includes beaters, whisk, beaker and chopping bowl.

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