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Trolleys and Storage

A useful storage solution when carrying out the cleaning job rounds is our range of cleaning trolleys and equipment organisers . Bought to you from leading brands Jantex, Rubbermaid and Numatic, the durable trolleys are constructed from plastic and feature non-marking castors, shelves and clips to hold refuse bags and other cleaning equipment essentials such as mops, brooms and buckets. If a trolley is not for you, then a neat and tidy option to keeping all your cleaning equipment securely in one place is a closet organiser. These can be easily secured to a wall which allow for easy access as, and when, the equipment is required.

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Janitorial Carts

Janitorial Carts

Choose from a range of cleaning trolleys with non-marking castors from Numatic, Rubbermaid and Jantex which offer the complete mobile cleaning package. Fitted mop buckets and mop wringers can be purchased mop buckets and wringers category.

Storage and Caddys

Storage and Caddys

Choose from an array of storage solutions from Jantex and Rubbermaid which have been designed to keep cleaning areas tidy, including a broom closet organiser and a cleaning caddy which can be easily transported.

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