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Peelers, Zesters and Garnishing

An essential selection of products for any kitchen, our extensive range of potato peelers, vegetable peelers, zesters and garnishing tools is ideal for any catering environment. Not only does this selection feature a wide variety of useful potato peelers, but also includes a large number of garnishing tools, perfect for adding an attractive finishing touch to your dishes. Not only are these items designed to help you peel, zest and garnish fruit and vegetables quickly, but they are also designed to minimise both the amount of effort you have to put in, as well as wastage produced.

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Potato and Vegetable Peelers

Potato and vegetable peelers from leading brands like Vogue, Victorinox and OXO. Whether you need a potato peeler or a vegetable peeler, these utensils will help you to peel vegetables and potatoes as quickly and easily as possible.

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Garnishing and Carving Tools

This section contains garnishing sets, cutting and sculpting knives, shaped cutters, melon ballers, V shaped and rounded carving tools of various sizes, as well as decorators, tools, corrugated cutters and more besides. These tools are perfect for adding a flourish to food presentations.

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Zesters and Canele

Whether you need a zester or a canele cutter, you'll find it here. These canele cutters and zesters feature high quality stainless steel blades and comfortable plastic handles. This selection includes a variety of useful canele cutters and zesters.

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Stoning and Coring Tools

Whether you need an apple corer or an olive stoner, you will be able to find exactly what you're after right here. A large selection of stoners and corers, ideal for removing stones from cherries and olives, and the cores from apples. These lightweight yet durable items come from top brands like Vogue, OXO, Tellier and De Buyer.

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Cutters, Curlers and Slicers

A selection of useful kitchen gadgets for attractive presentation of your dishes including a vegetable sharpener, a butter curler, an egg cutter and a deco pin. These tools come from top brands like Vogue and Tellier, and are every bit as durable as they are useful.

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Melon Ballers

Melon ballers and Paris scoops in a range of sizes. Featuring many different sizes of Vogue melon baller and paris scoop, many of these items have two ends, allowing you to cut melon balls to two different sizes with the same utensil.

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