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Spatulas, Ladles and Spoons

An essential selection of kitchen utensils for the amateur and professional chef alike. Our spatulas, ladles and spoons come from some of the world's leading manufacturers, like Vogue, Dick and Matfer, and are not only of very high quality, but are also resilient enough for use in even the busiest kitchens. Whether you're looking for a heat resistant spatula, a stainless steel ladle or a long mixing paddle for use in deep pots with a large amount of ingredients, this section has something for you.

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Spatulas and Turners

A wide variety of spatulas and food turners, all of which have been designed to perform at high temperatures. These high quality products come from world renowned manufacturers like Vogue, Dick and Matfer, and offer something for the most diverse range of catering tasks, from turning hamburgers to making a cake.

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A wide selection of stainless steel ladles, ideal for everything from portioning to service. These high quality ladles from Vogue include colour coded versions for portion control, as well as flat bottomed ladles, soup ladles and a pea ladle.

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Spoons and Spoonulas

Heat-resistant exoglass and melamine spoons and spoonulas to help you serve and portion food accurately. Browse everything from an exoglass spoon to a melamine spoonula. From top brands like Vogue and Matfer, our selection of spoons and spoonulas are available in a wide selection of sizes and lengths.

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Wooden Spoons and Spatulas

Selection of strong wooden spoons and wooden spatulas, with something to suit even the most diverse tasks. Made by Vogue, these wooden utensils are available in a variety of lengths and sizes, with a wooden spoon or wooden spatula suitable for each and every kitchen task.

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Mixing Paddles

Featuring stainless steel handles and heat resistant exoglass heads, these mixing paddles are heat resistant up to 220°C. If you frequently mix large amounts of ingredients, you will find your perfect mixing paddle here.

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