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Finding the Right Bottle Coolers

Whether you have cosy little gourmet restaurant, a large fine dining establishment, or a busy pub, if you serve any type of beverages - wine or beer primarily - you should take the time to check out the selection of bottle coolers available. Now you may think that you don't need anything as fancy as special coolers, the fridge will do just fine, but at least take a look at what makes them so essential to so many businesses.

A bottle cooler for everyone

First off, there are bottle coolers for every size restaurant or pub and geared towards your specific needs. If you are looking for a fancy way to serve a nice bottle of wine tableside there are acrylic bottle coolers that will do just fine. They come in a variety of designs and colours and can also be used to deliver a nice bottle of mineral water. There is a double bottle wine cooler that can keep two bottles of wine chilled or one bottle comfortably on ice.

If you are looking for something a little more effective and a little less, well, pretty, there are rapid wine coolers that can chill a bottle of wine in just five minutes.

Other forms of refrigerated bottle coolers come in varying sizes and can hold from 144 bottles to 264 bottles depending on what your business dictates. Starting with the Gamco Bottle Cooler there are a few different variations available. You can get the single hinged door version or you can get the sliding door which saves room when you are busy going in and out to get beverages. The hinged door cooler has three shelves, an electronic thermostat and holds 144-330ml bottles.

Bottle coolers with sliding doors

The Gamco bottle cooler with the double sliding doors can hold around 218-330ml bottles. Each of the Gamco coolers has a stainless steel exterior making it sleek in design and easy to wipe down.

The LEC Black Bar Bottle Cooler is a little smaller and would be great in a cosy little gourmet bistro. It has double hinged doors that you can reverse to open the way that fits best for you. It is available in silver and black and has an internal light with the switch on the outside of the cooler. The two chrome shelves can hold around 106 138 litre bottles.

Polar, which has staked its name in commercial refrigeration, makes bottle coolers that can hold 16, 26, or 48 bottles of wine. Perfect for small to moderate fine dining restaurants who keep those special bottles of wine on hand for customers who enjoy them.

If you are looking for an attractive wine cooler that can sit just about anywhere, the Samsung holds 52 bottles and has a very modern case. A heavy duty Horizontal Bottle Cooler is just the thing for a busy pub. With its larger capacity - it can hold 264 -335ml bottles and is as functional as it is easy to use.

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