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Buffalo Manual Hamburger Machine

(9 Customer Reviews)

Buffalo Manual Hamburger Machine

Easy to clean and maintain anodized aluminium, hand operated burger machine produces uniform size and shape burgers time after time. Ideal for small butchers and farm shops. Top hopper holds greaseproof paper separators for convenience (not supplied).


Buffalo Manual Hamburger Machine

Code: CE225

Hamburger size 100mm.

In stock

In stock

£149.99 ex vat

Product Information

  • Dimensions 270(h) x 280(w) x 280(d)mm.
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight 4.7kg

Customer Reviews

Buffalo Manual Hamburger Machine

Average Rating 4.2 out of 5

(based on 9 reviews)
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06-Oct-2014 (5 out of 5) It is quite a complicated machine compared to many other beefburger making kits (the plastic mould types) and, therefore, much more expensive, but it ensures the beefburger produced is of uniform thickness all round. Most others, where you press the compacter down by hand, make the pate perfectly round in shape but do not guarantee the thickness is uniform and the burgers produced are lopsided! A well thought out piece of engineering that will last a lifetime. The price is well justified.
17-Aug-2014 (5 out of 5) As ever well packed and in excellent condition.
10-Jan-2014 (4 out of 5) Can't go wrong with it,only one thing why don't you do the separation sheets for them !
08-Apr-2013 (5 out of 5) Excellent
27-Jun-2012 (4 out of 5) Only one problem with the Buffaklo Hamburger machine, I am having difficulty being able to eject the burger there seems to be some problem with erasing the finished burger, the unit does not lift when the burger is in the hopper. There is obviously a problem with the ejector arm underneath, I am hoping this will correct itself with further use.
16-Jun-2012 (4 out of 5) Good solid built, this will do for a few years.
13-Jun-2012 (2 out of 5) Doesn't work properly - the button sticks in and the burgers don't rise properly so can't get them out. Much harder to use tha the old domestic one.
12-Dec-2011 (5 out of 5) I'recommended friends to buy it
07-Nov-2011 (5 out of 5) Excellent