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Vogue Measuring Cups

(16 Customer Reviews)

Vogue Measuring Cups

Set of five stainless steel cups. 1/8: 30ml (39Ø x 24mm deep), 1/4: 60ml (53Ø x 27mm deep), 1/3: 80ml (58Ø x 34mm deep), 1/2: 125ml (68Ø x 34mm deep) and full cup: 250ml (81Ø x 48mm deep).


Vogue Measuring Cups

Code: J424

1/8 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup.

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In stock

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  • Material Stainless steel

Customer Reviews

Vogue Measuring Cups

Average Rating 4.7 out of 5

(based on 16 reviews)
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23-Jul-2014 (5 out of 5) Just what I needed. Would appreciate similar style measuring cups in plastic/different colours.
23-Jun-2014 (5 out of 5) Excellent
13-Jun-2014 (5 out of 5) Excellent
06-May-2014 (5 out of 5) Excellent
16-Sep-2013 (5 out of 5) Excellent
02-Apr-2013 (5 out of 5) Excellent
06-Dec-2012 (5 out of 5) American recipies are made easy now with my measuring cups. Thank you.
08-Nov-2012 (4 out of 5) good quality goods
05-Jun-2012 (4 out of 5) Good
23-May-2012 (5 out of 5) Excellent
17-Apr-2012 (5 out of 5) Excellent
09-Apr-2012 (5 out of 5) Excellent
09-Apr-2012 (4 out of 5) Good
11-Aug-2011 (4 out of 5) These have been used. Easy to use and storage is easy - do not take up any space.
06-Jul-2011 (4 out of 5) Good
17-Mar-2011 (5 out of 5) Excellent