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Serving in Style

Most business managers would rate customer service as their top priority, and utilising the best possible staff and equipment is a direct contributor to customer satisfaction. For those who work within a serving environment and deal directly with the public, professional tools and equipment will allow them to provide a service that any supervisor would be proud of.

When working with food or beverages, it is essential to install high quality appliances that will preserve produce and give customers the freshest quality. When considering purchasing serve over counters, any buyer must bear in mind the specifications that their new equipment must fill. The serving area and space available will dictate the size of any new equipment acquired, and serve over counters are available in a range of sizes. For more compact spaces, there are various smaller units of around a metre in width. However, for a larger environment that may employ more than one server there are many larger counters available that can be up to three metres wide. Of course, a larger unit will require more power to run the refrigerated elements of the design, so it is important for users to consider the power that is available in their intended serving location.

Daily business and serving

Ease of use is an important factor when choosing serve over counters, and any units purchased should be suitable for daily business and serving. For example, deli counter may need a tiered display area with room for larger bowls or tubs of produce, or bulkier items such as meats and cheeses. On the other hand, a canteen serving sandwiches, drinks or small plated desserts from the unit may require shelving within their serve over counters, providing the best possible use of space. Lighting is also a consideration, as food and produce should be clearly visible and displayed in the most attractive manner possible. Lighting will allow customers to see the full range available, particularly in deeper serve over counters. These aspects should be seriously considered when searching for new units, as any oversights or irrelevant design features can make serving more difficult or time consuming for staff. This would of course result in longer waiting times for customers which can damage any business' reputation for customer service.

Consider the appearance

Appearance is another prime consideration when choosing new serve over counters, or any units for a serving area. Creating a themed look can make an area look professional and commercial. A theme need not be bright or stand out, it can be as simple as keeping all units white, grey or silver. It may even be appropriate to transfer a logo or company name onto units, to create a brand image. These touches will assure customers that they are purchasing product from a skilled and professional company or service, and will help to keep levels of customer satisfaction high.

Buyers have many aspects to consider when choosing new serving units and equipment. It is important to take all requirements into account and find the best match possible. Choosing a product with a warranty will also protect staff from any problems with new equipment, and ensures that any business is protected.

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